Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Monday the 28th!

Hello Everyone It's Lindsay again!
I wanted to get one and say a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone from me!
I appologize I havent been around much at all in the last 2 weeks or so. I have fallen behind on Birthdays so if you had sent in your birhdays and you hadnt recieved your free image from me yet you will I am catching up on all that stuff today! And I had a custom image I was doing I didnt get out and well lots of emails I hadnt answered, and of course I have not yet announced a new DT yet....SO I am trying to get all those thing sout today!!!
My Christmas was Wonderful however the time leading up to it was filled with a little bit of heartache and stress. My dog had a little accident and broke off one of her nails...the entire thing! so we had to have a minor surgical proceedure done which was unexpected on the budget so close to christmas. notonly that she has to keep it dry and clean so she has had to stay inside for the last 2 weeks! so i had to take my cat to my parents to visist and the dog stays here everynight...everyday i try to bring her to my parents house for a few hours at least so she can have a yard to be in (my parents havent been watering there lawn so its been great!) and she can play with their Chow a lil bit...but she barks at night so my dad doesnt want her waking up the neighborhood so I bring her back to my place ...she doesnt bark when she is inside.
So that was our 1st lil problem...the 2nd....we had a loss in the family
Chris's Favorite Grandfather passed away. The one he was the closest with he spent a lot of time with growing up etc so it was especially hard because it was unexpected.
of course Christmas was great and eventful though and we kept Chris's Grandpa in our thoughts and prayers. my sister hoseted Christmas eve dinner at her home! it was 1 year that they had been in their house! so that was exciting! we then went to church for the chior concert at 11 and midnight mass following that. Christmas morning Chris and I opened a few small gifts (the real gift this year is we are buying a house!!!!) we had some breakfast and had to finish my dads Christmas gift lol (Chris and I designed a custom coat of arms for my dads library in his house! my dad built his library a few years ago and we have bought him leather bound nice books before and we have bought wood boxed board games that look like books and i thought what about a nice decanter but he already has one, and well my dad doesnt smoke so a humidor was out so what else goes in a formal library ya know? so I bought a nice 8x8 frame, and chris did some hand drawing i did some computer rendering and then I colored it by hand with my copics and turned out great! ) we went to my parents and opened gifts with my sister and her husband and then we ate dinner and then my 2 cousins came over so they could open their gifts, then we went to the movies and saw sherlock holmes as a family. Saturday my parents had their company chritmas party at their house so after chris and I did some morning shopping he hee (gotta catch some of those after christmas sales ya know he hee) we helped set up and then enjoyed the party including pool, kereoke, christmas movies and lots and lots of food!
on Sunday we went to church a bit later than normal so we could be there at the mass the priest did a special blessing for some family friend celebrating their 25th anniversary that day! how great is that! Then we went to the other side of town for some more shopping lol we needed new jeans....and I bought my 1st ever pair of skinny jeans! lol ok so they still are a bigger size than I would like I am going to keep up with my weightwatchers, but at least they fit well and looked good so that was a bit exciting. and then we had a family dinner at the neighbors's our anual tradition every year we have a christmas dinner with them and its always the same...lasagna!!! and it is some of the best ever!!!
So I just wanted to share with you a lil of what I have been up to, and today I am getting all caught up! so if you are expecting a birthday image or a custom image they are going out today, and i will also be sending out invites to those who were selected for our new dt , and as soon as i hear from them if they accept I will be announcing it here so keep and eye out.
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!!!


  1. Lindsay -sure is nice to hear from you!! I was just getting ready to email and make sure you are OK! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas all and all! I am sorry for your loss which is always tough but even a bit tougher at the Holidays!!

    I'm looking forward to lots of Sassy fun in the new year!!!

  2. Lindsay, Merry Christmas to you!!!
    Sounds like you've been super busy. Great to hear that you had a wodnerful Christmas even though with a loss in your family. God bless you and your family!!!

  3. So glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas....and new skinny jeans YEA for you.......
    sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather I know it's tough....Hopefully we will all have a better year in 2010.......

  4. Hi Lindsay. What a week you've had! Please extend my condolences to Chris. That is so hard, especially during a family-centered holiday.


  5. O I'm sorry for your hubby's loss..big cyber ((((Hugs))))
    Congratulations on buying a house..good wishes headed your way to find the right one :)....don't you love traditions..that's what we do for our family we started are own traditions when they were born...I hope you have a Great New Year and can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2010 LOL!!! Love your images..