Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bonus Challenge!

HAPPY Day Before Thanksgiving!!!

Soooo.... What is this?!?! a Bunus Challenge?!?! Yep... Well I dont know if any of you have noticed I am a huge Disney Fan!!! I try not to make my stuff look like disney copyright issues and all but i do use disney characters and films as inspiration at times.... SO I was soooooo excited that today was the release date for The Princess and the Frog!!! that I wanted to do a bonus challenge in celebration!! he hee (ok then I found out that it is a limited release only a few theaters in LA and NYC have it uggghh imagine my disapointment!!!)

So the Challenge will begin today and go through Dec 11th (the full release date it will be in all theaters!!!) your entries must be in no later than midnight pst dec 11th
What is the challenge?!?! make a card or prooject inspired by the film. It can be new orleans inspired, frog inspired princessy etc let your imagination go wild!!!, the only requirement is you must use a SSD image somewhere in your creation. You can find preview clips all over the internet if you havent seen them already and I posted the movie poster for you to are some samples by the DT





now since this is a bonus challenge I thought we needed an extra special prize...and maybe a freebie too!!!

So lets start with the may recognize our frog prince but he needed a princess for this challenge do not by any means have to use this image for the challenge but you must use an SSD image...any SSD image so be creative!

for teh freebie be sure to double click to get higher quality version of the image

Image was removed now available in the store

and lastly the prize!!!
One winner will be selected, and that winner will get a special prize package including
Princess Penelope, Masquerade, Princess and the Frog, The Frog Prince, True Loves Kiss, Fairytale Sentiments and 3 other SSD images of their choice!!! What a prize that is!!!


  1. How SUPER awesome!!! Thanks for the bonus challenge. I'm going to work on mine :)

  2. I love Disney Movies!!! Here is my take on the bonus challenge:)

    Studio Lailani Bonus Challenge

  3. Thanks so much for the fun bonus challenge and the frogs!! Here's my card-

  4. Love, love, love this challenge! Here is my card!

  5. My card is here!


  6. What a great challenge thanks so much this was lots of fun! My card can be found here:

  7. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I can't belive I didn't post my link earlier.....I really-really had my card, but I didn't post a link, I'm so sorry!