Wednesday, June 24, 2009

more delays

So very sad to say they are still working on the problem over at payloadz. they say it will be fixed soon but they haven't given me a time frame so for now we will just have to do it via email until it is fixed. =( Which this is stinky that it happens right after I finally got it up and running so sad!

So to bring some light into this june gloom, I have decided to share with you a few sketches I have been working on! how about that! who doesn't love sneak peaks of what is to come! now these aren't all of them, because there will be more, but a few to give you an idea!

I have decided it was time I did some fairytale ones! yay! and though I wanted them to be reflective of them at the same time I didn't want them too look too disney or done before I wanted them to look a little more fashionista-ish (yes i make up my own words tee hee hee)
So first she can be cinderella or beauty and the beast or sleeping beauty she can be the queen of hearts or whatever you wish. She can be for prom or a wedding maybe but what ever you wish her to be she will always be beautiful and elegant!

And then a mermaid!! growing up and even still today the little mermaid is my fav ever! and I had to spice her up a little and make her a little under the sea rock star diva (since she is a singer and all lol) also I have decided to create a few background images that can be used with some of the other images, because sometimes its nice to have a detailed drawn background so one will be under the sea (it's not done as I still have lots to do in the computer this was just the sketch but just an idea)

Then I just needed another fashionista! I love fashionable girls that can be used for anything! she has a little victorian flare a little mod and a little marilyn monroe and britney spears in her I thinksuch a fun combination to play with!

And in honor of summer I ave some summery beachy and tropical images in the works so here is another background that can be used with those.

So I know they are sketchy and unfinished I just wanted to give you sneak peaks of whats in store for the future! and as always I love feedback so feel free to make criticisms and or suggestions! I love suggestions it helps me know what you all want to see!

well have a great day and I'm gonna hope and pray my shopping cart issues get fixed! lol

happy wednesday!



  1. Sorry to hear that the store is still giving you problems. I am loving the peeks. My favorite is the mermaid and the sea scene.

  2. Hey there!! So sorry you are STILL dealing with your technical issues!!! However? These images?? WOW!!!! AWESOME!!! I want them ALL!! Haha!! Seriously, they are FABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Take care!

  3. Ooo! Fab images! My fave is the Marilyn Monroe inspired image and I love the lil Mermaid!

    So sorry to hear that you're still having probs! I hope it gets fixed soon!

    :*) margie

  4. Sorry about the technical difficulties your site is having but I love all your new images! My fav is also the mermaid and I love the first belle too!

  5. I hope they get it all figured out...and soon! I love all of these! More stuff that I "need"!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! These are absolutely amazing! You are so talented. My favorite is the princess and I cant wait to buy her so I can colour her! I would buy them all. Seriously. Amazing, amazing, Amazing!

  7. Your sketches are gorgeous! Fabulous signature style you have going on. Really pretty. Getting ready to grab the button and hope the cart works itself out very soon!

  8. OMG these are gorgeous! I can't wait until you release them!

  9. I would buy them all too.... can't wait!

  10. I'm sure your problem is simply a glitch. All will be well. If there is anything I can do to help, just holler.

    Happy Anniversary!


  11. Wow, Lindsay, you have really out done yourself this time!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  12. Wow, these are beautiful Lindsey!
    Read about you on a blog and popped over to check you out, so glad I did!
    You're very talented!
    Can't wait to get a hold of that cinderella one!
    take care
    Blessings, Maria

  13. Hi again Lindsey,

    Wow these designs are all wonderful!!! I just left you a comment and told you I wish I had known about your call because one of my good friend (from blog world) is on your team and I just took a full look at your team, and wow no I am on other teams with 2 of your DT and blogging friends with 3 other girls on your team!!!

    Wow your team Rocks and I just adore your images!!!

    Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!!!!