Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning all!
It's a Fabulous Fairytale Release Day here at SSD!
The post with the release day events will be coming shortly so please check back for all the specifics for the party...

as for me on a personal note I have lots to share if your interested

Well I haven't been around almost all month I have tried to get to emails the best I could but if I missed one or two I apologize, so this month was a BIG month!
Chris and I bought our 1st house!
Chris and I did a LOT of Demo in our 1st house.
Chris and I had to move all of our stuff into the garage and move in with my parents for a few more weeks because all the work still isn't done in out 1st house lol
my internet was going nuts the last few weeks at our old place and didn't make sense to take time off work to get someone out to check when we were just going to be moving....
Then on Sunday Night Tragedy Hit!
My dog was attacked a mauled by her siblings!
My LeeLoo (lab pit mix) was playing catch/fetch with a ball with my dad and my Stitch (pit bull) tried to steal the ball so they had a little scuffle...now normally it would have lasted a few seconds one would have gave up and they would have parted ways with 5 dogs little tiffs happen all the time but they are usually short and not harmful (what i mean by that is they don't bite each other hard they are usually very good with each other) but my dad gets in there tries to break it up and is yelling and the other three came running and attacked my LeeLoo! we think maybe they thought she was attacking my dad but leeloo would never in her life do that but a dogs perception and a pack mentality i guess you never know and her 2 sisters and her brother/boyfriend (none are the same litter all different breeds etc just they are family) they tore into her and wouldn't let go my dad got a 2 by 4 and started swinging to try to get them off her and even when that wouldn't work he dumped water on them ...in the process my dad was bit several times as well on his hand and a few came within millimeters of arteries.... talk about lucky!!! by dog though my poor baby had gashes all over punctures and tares some clear to the muscle so sunday night was spent and the animal ER and they quoted a starting price of 1400 not including follow up...I barely make that in a month at my full time job ok we just put all our savings into down payment for the house and the work etc plus they hadn't even shaved and inspected the woulds close that was just starting it would have cost 3500 at least so we had to leave which broke my heart to see my baby so hurt and not be able to afford to get her treated we took her home gave her some Ibuprofen washed the wounds with warm water and coated them all with neosporin. thank goodness I took monday off to finish cleaning the old place up after moving because now i spent most the day at the vets we went to our regular Vet and they shaved and inspected all the wounds before even pricing it out and with them they never charge me anything for follow up no matter how many time we have to go back in....they are always fair so when they told me 1000.00 well not that it was much better i still couldn't do it but my dad loves my dog she has lived with him this past year and a half and that is his baby too and he said just get her fixed we'll make it work so hours later she had stitches galore and drainage tubes all over as well but she is happy (accept for when I put the cone on her) and she is in great spirits she has to keep the cone on for at least a few days because of all the drains but she is starting to get used to it and is walking around more terrorizing the cats lol
one of my dads dogs had to get stitches on her head and he thanks god thats all she needs because he hit her with a large heavy stick to get her off my dog and she still wouldn't release and I want you to know my dad loves all our dogs and would never raise a hand or stick to them unless he had to but he thought they were going to kill my baby and he was alone at the property he was bit and bleeding and didn't have many option....
but considering when I was in China a few years ago i saw some men kill a dog to eat it and they whacked it over the head with sticks and pipes....she is a very lucky dog that all she had was a gash that needed stitches and wasn't worse and believe me so is my dad because he would have been just as broken hearted if he had killed his dog and he is that my dog was attacked like that....needless to say she wont be going back and thank goodness we got our house so she wont have to once she heels
so my baby is doing well still has lots of time ahead to be fully healed and hopefully no infections so keep her in your prayers if you would
well thanks for taking a minute for me to share my excitements and my heartbreaks with you and i will keep all posted on my babies recovery and ill have pics of the house and my LeeLoo on my blog in the next few days and once the house is done I cant wait! ..I'll get to share my studio with you all!!!

and I have a HUGE surprise for you all....we will be having a special extra release this month!!! Saturday Sept 11th mark your calendars there will be more SSD sassyness coming out that day!
Have a wonderful Wednesday and I hope I get to chat with you all at the party today!


  1. Oh Lindsay, I hope Leeloo heals quickly. I know how hard it is. Last year I had to put down my dog - she had throat cancer. Nothing they could do and I just couldn't see her suffering more. A few months later it was my cat. Congratulations on the house!

  2. Lindsay, sorry to hear what happened with your dad and LeeLoo. Glad she is going to recover and is back to her happy self. After she is completely healed try to expose her carefully back to her friends, so she does not develop a fear of them, but strictly under controlled situation and on neutral ground. Congrats on the new house and a new yard for LeeLoo!!

  3. Oh my! Sounds like you have had quite the experience! I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Poor pups.

    Can't wait to see the 2nd release too!

    Deanne :)

  4. Lindsy, wow I am so sorry to hear about your dog's injuries. I pray that he is well soon.

    Congrats on your new house and I look forward to the 2nd release.


  5. Glad to hear everyone is doing well despite all that happened. can't wait to see some pictures!