Sunday, December 20, 2009

Studio Sunday #11

Happy Sunday All! I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas! I know I am! Its great to take a lil break from having to design and not worry about a release on Jan 1st I finished the last of my Christmas Shopping today!! yay!!! and monday I will do all my baking for my cookie exchange!
Today held a few surprises though...Last night Hubby and I decided to spend the night at my dads trailor at the property we keep our dog at along with my dads 3 dogs....well this morning we wake up its bright and sunny and great and we notice our dog is missing one of her claws!!! one nail is completely gone!!! so we had to take her to the vet and $150 proceedure to cut it back and carterize it and bandage it and antibiotics etc etc etc lol she is fine and it should grow back fine she has to stay inside for 5 days though...her bandage can not get wet at all!!! soooooo I had to take my cat to my parents house (she is not happy with me this is the 3rd time this month because when hubby and I did the 2 youth retreats the1st 2 weekends this month she had to go stay with my parents while we were away) and the dog now gets to stay inside our house (I wouldnt have asked that of my parents they have too nice of furniture lol and well I dont he hee) so she has been good so far she just slept a lot today but i swear I love my dog but we have had her less than a year and it sems like we are always having to go to the vet there is always something wrong lol poor baby
So anyway.... enough about me, on to the tutorial!!!
Ok I know some of you may have done this before but this is a lil different take...
Peppermint Patties!!
Materials needed are:
Glue dots
1 1/2" scalloped circle punch
and 1 1/4" circle and 1" circle cutters or punches
and of course ppermint patties!!
close up on 1" cameos ( Icolored mine on thecomputer and printed them out at the size I wanted)
So I decided to start with 9 patties so I did 2 1 1/2" scalloped circles for each patty in green cardstock
and I did 2 1 1/4" circle cuts out of a lightgreen polkadot cardstock for 6 of the patties
and 6 1" SSD Cameos colored and punched out
for the other 3 I did 1 1/4" circle SSD cameos colored and cut out
so here is style 1 front on the top and back on the bottom this style I did the 1" cameos and layers with 1 1/4" circles

I put glue dots on all the bottoms an dplaced my peppermint patties centered on them

I then placed glue dots on the tops and tried to line up the scallops with the bottom the best I could and glue the tops to the patties

the 2nd style I did I cut out the middle layer and just cutout my cameos at 1 1/4" I did the same thing and glued them to the tops of the patties

here are all of them lined up (both styles)
I know these are simple but they are a great lil goodie to glue onto a envie for cards you hand out personally or to glue to the top of a bow on a christmas present, just to use one your table setting or in a dish of candy, or use them in a fun way...create a bunch using 2 different colorings and set them up on your checkers board or chess board you could designate characters for each piece or maybe adorn your own advent tree and hang it on the wall the posibilities are endless

so if you wanan try out something using this technique I hope you do and share it with us

(PS I know we are littl ebehind on teh last fe 25 days of christmas ill get those caught up real quick here I promise)


  1. Have to admit I've not seen this technique before! I love it and just happen to have a whole bag of peppermint patties on my dining room table waiting to be dressed up!! Thanks as always for sharing another great idea!

  2. SUPER CUTE!! Trying to think of who I "need" to make some of these for:)

  3. oh my, these are SUPER cute!!! I'm so going to make these for my co-workers (and may be even for my hubby's co-workers) :)
    Thank you, Lindsay!

  4. Very cute, Lindsay! Never thought of doing these little sassies for Checkers pieces!


  5. These are adorable! Thanks for a great idea!