Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New DT announced!

Ok this was the hardest thing I had to do! I thought the 1st round was hard but this one was near impossible! there were so many wonderful entries! Last time I took th etime to email every person even if they didnt make it, and this time there is just so many I honestly cant do that I do appologize. If you put in an application thank you sooooooo much! you all really did make my job sooooo hard! and if you didnt make it its only a 3 month term so I hope you'll be ready to try again in 2 months!
So I know I said I was going to pick 7...well honestly it was really really hard because when it came doen to it i really couldn't do it! so I decided this term I was not going to do guest designers...with such a short term it is just to omuch of a hassle to do guest designers, and well last round we lost a few people prematurely which was kind of hard because we were left short and i had to bring in replacements (Cassie and Sara) which was not a problem at all I love having them as part of my team but I know it had to be hard to step in right in the middle, so this round I will have more than enough so if anyone has to take a leave early it wont leave us short soooooo without further adue...
We have 9 new Sassy Sisters joinging the SSD Design Team!!!
SO...I know your excited but before I go into that I wanna do a quick announcement of who is sticking around as part of the leadership team!
Jacquie - Party Planner and Sassy Saturdays
Valerie - Challenge Coordinator
Piali - Sponsorships
Lelia - Studio Sundays
Cassie - PCP and SCS liason
these ladies will be returning and helping to share in the responsability of making SSD run smoothly for all of you
unfortunately Margie will not be returning next term but I am sure we will still see her around I want to thank Margie for being a part of the 1st ever SSD DT she is extremely talented and was a pleasure to have. We will all miss her so much! SO Margie thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me and helping to make it such a wonderful begining!
ok ok I know you wanna see who made the team!
without further adue....
So congrats to these lovely ladies, and to those whos names are not included I appologize I couldnt get individual email out this round but I really do appreciate every single entry and it sincerely was a very very very tight race so to speak so keep an eye out in february for details on the next call out.
So I know we dont have a release on the 1st we are taking a lil vacation, but on the 1st we will be introducing all the new DT members with a lil bio some samples of what they have created using SSD images etc so we hope you will stop in and join us in welcoming the new team.... and who knows there might be something in it for you guys too ;)
have a happy new years!


  1. Congrats to each of you new ladies!! I am so excited to see your work in the coming months!! As for the returning gals, well what can I say--you rock!! I look forward to lots more fun release par-tays!! Blessings and Hugs to all!!

  2. congrats to all the new gals. I can't wait to "meet" ya'll.

  3. Aw, I'm going to miss working with y'all!!!
    Congrats to the new team! Best of luck! You will all have a blast working with sweet Lindsay and the rest of the gals :)

    Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and safe new year :*)
    ~ margie