Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the 1st Day of Christmas

Happy December 1st!!!
So I don't know about you but the Christmas Season is my favorite! even more than Halloween! he hee... anyways we did our Christmas releases starting in oct and I know it seems like forever and a day ago by now. So I thought wouldn't it be nice to revisit some of our many many Christmas images we put out and show off some DT creations and get ideas for our own projects we might be working on...So I decided here on SSD we are going to do the 25 days of Christmas!
So starting today Dec 1st going all the way to Christmas Day we are going to feature one image a day! with a new one every day!
Since today is also release day I am posting this a little later in the day as not to distract from the release posts, but normally these posts will be up 1st thing in the morning.
and not only will this be a chance to get ideas I would LOVE for you guys to share with me what you have done with these images as well.... so this is gonna be a little bit of a game as well.... you will have until Dec 31st to show us what you've done (or are doing) and on Jan 1st we will have 25 winners of an exclusive limited edition image....what does this mean?!?!? it means only these 25 people will get this image!!! it will not be in the store ever!!! this will be your only chance!!! and no you will not get to see this image prior it will be a 100% surprise!!! (I will show off on the blog on the 1st though so everyone can see what the image was) Please be sure it is a direct link to the exact creation because by jan 1st you may have had many other posts since and I cant be searching through 50 million posts to find the one you meant for me to see, so if you dont post a direct link I can not qualify it I am sorry. So Midnight PST December 31st is the deadline folks!
Ok so...
On the 1st Day of Christmas Sassy Studios Showed me...
Under the Mistletoe
bothe of these beautiful creations were by Lelia

so if you want a chance to win an exculive image be sure to link any creations you have done using this image in the Comment section of this post

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  1. WOW, what a super awesome idea!!!! I am soooooooooooo in :) I would just LOVE to have that super exclusive image.
    Thank you for this game! YEAH!