Friday, June 19, 2009

Out of office

Ok everyone I am still not getting the problem solved on the shopping site I had to pull in some assistance and it is getting fixed but I dont know if it will be fixed this weekend =( and well tomorrow I wont be able to follow up because I'm going to Disneyland with the hubby! (its not quite our 1 year thats next weekend but it's kinda for that. 1 year married! so exciting!) but I will try to do whatever I can do on sunday but I think it will have to wait for the hosting site to take care of it monday =( but as I said before does not mean we are closed for business, I can do it by hand, so if you want to place an oreder just email it to me and I will send you an invoice tomorrow night when i get back home and then the image once paid.So have a great weekend everyone!!!

And keep those DT entries coming! such great creations!!! this is getting really exciting, and there is only one week left!

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  1. EEEK! I hope you get everythig worked out soon! :O) Happy early anniversary, Lindsay!