Terms of Use

We Sell Digital Stamps. Our Products are not currently produced in any other form or available for sale in any other stores. All of our images are Jpeg files we chose to do this because it is the most standard and usable format for everyone with almost all programs, however we do know there may be a desire for PSD or PNG files. We will happily send you whatever file type you like to work with. Once you purchase your images you will get a download which will be a Jpeg We suggest you save this anyways. Then just drop us a little email letting us know what file type you would like to have and we will happily email it to you as well. Contact us at sassystudiodesigns@yahoo,com to request your alternate file types.

All content found on this blog including the designs, the photographs and the text are © of Sassy Studio Designs. The artwork is shared with you for your inspiration and may not be copied for publication or contest submission.

By downloading any of our Digital image files either gifted or won for free, or paid for by yourself or any other party you agree to the terms and conditions of use set forth by Sassy Studio Designs. Sassy Studio Designs allows a single user a non-exclusive non-transferrable right to download and use these images. You have the right to print these images as many times as you wish and use them in any handmade project. You can also print these images any size fitting the project you are doing. You can use these images in your own personal digital scrapbooking or in your own personal blog designs. You may not use them in designs for others. You may not use them where a digital item will be sold and you may not use them on a website or company site. If the images are used in their digital form these images are only for personal use. You cannot alter these items digitally and then claim them as your own. You cannot share the digital file with any other persons. You cannot swap or trade these images in the printed form, and under no conditions are you permitted to sell them in either their digital or printed form. You may not use these images in kits or in any commercial use for sale.
We do support an angel policy that allows you to create something by hand 100% by you and sell those items such as cards or piecing’s or scrapbook layouts but they must be handmade not commercially produced. (so we don’t mind if you create with them in the printed form and sell your creations using these images. If you do this please just give credit for the images to us whenever possible. but we ask that you not sell digital things such as invitations or stationery that is mass printed/produced by printing) and if you have any questions please feel free to email me and We will answer your questions as quickly as possible sassystudiodesigns@yahoo.com

We reserve the rights to all of these images and the right to change our terms and policies at any time we choose. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at
If you wish to use images for any commercial or resale purposes including but not limited to logos and advertisements, invitations or stationery or digital kits you can purchase the right to use them by contacting us at