Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

This is me Lindsay it's been so long since I have been on to really write you all. I do apologize for that it's been quite a few months. The house is still a work in progress but starting to feel like a home and not just a construction site still a lot to do to finish this place up but it will come with more time. We also over volunteered again this year with our church which wasn't too bad last year with me not having a day job but this year was almost impossible so we have to find some balance I think going into 2011. I also had been really sick twice in the past 2 and a half months which never helps either when your stuck in bed for days unable to function. and lastly but most excitingly I am now an Auntie! My sister had her baby! so it seemed like no sooner was i getting over the flu that she was starting having contractions (Christmas eve) ...well in short she went into the hospital 2 times each time to be sent back home saying to wait longer the contractions weren't close enough on her 3rd one was admitted into labor and delivery only to find out after the fact that her water had broken and she didn't even know and so there was almost no fluid left she was now having a fever and getting sick and then they induced her labor and when dilated and ready to go there was well.... (if you have sensitive stomach maybe skip a line ahead) ...basically the baby's poo fluid was coming out which means that she was exposed to not so good things they then still proceeded to have her try to push for at least 2 hours! and after the baby's heart rate had been elevated too high for too long they took her in for emergency c section, turns out the baby had gotten my sister is now recovering from both a normal birth and a c section all at once.... and the baby well so far it has been a bumpy road the first night she had a collapsed lung so they had tubes in her had her on a respirator and on oxygen and in one of those incubators in the NICU so it was very scary ...she is strong though and full size she came out 7 lb and 13 oz and has since reached 8 lb 4 oz she was born on 12/27/2010
the 1st night was the worst but a friend of our family is a deacon and he came to do a blessing and prayer over my sister and the baby as they were praying with my sister the doctor came in and said she was off the respirator and breathing on her own (still on oxygen though) my sister didn't even get to see her baby until the next morning and only the daddy and my parents and the deacon even got any glimpse at her. and so with the baby in the NICU she had limited visitors you had to be on a list of only 6 people which includes mommy and daddy as 2 of the persons on the list (the deacon did count though special circumstances) anyways I was blessed to be able to have one of the slots and be able to go in there and visit her and hold her so I of course spent all my free time this week there so I worked or was at the hospital. My sister was released from the hospital yesterday but Annika still has to stay in NICU for at least another 5 days because she is antibiotics
So long story short it was a very busy month or 2 as was then this week totally tipped the scale. But I am blessed to be an Auntie now and thought it was a bumpy road this week she is doing fine just making sure she doesn't get infections etc So I am and have been behind in a lot of things and I am sorry I am trying get caught up as quickly as I can to start this year off strong so I will be getting Design Team invitations out this weekend and getting caught up on emails etc

also I HAD big plans for you all today... I was supposed to be launching our new web store today but I guess I didn't stay on top of my Web guy because even though he knew today was the day to launch and he kept telling me everything was fine etc it wasn't when he sent it over it was all wrong! the background and style was all wrong the shopping cart didn't do automatic downloads just reg purchases and NONE of my products were loaded he thought I was going to do them...what was the point of me paying him if I was going to do it and if I was going to launch it on Jan 1 how was I going to be able to get all that loaded and set up if he only got it "done" yesterday SO needless to say I am a bit perturbed about that whole situation and I am rapidly working on getting things finished I am trying to fix it I spent all last night on it (well I took 1 hour away to watch the ball drop and toast some champagne with my family at my parents house and then I have spent all day today as well trying to work on it truth is if I knew how to do most of this I would have just done it one my own and thats why I hired the guy because I tried to do it on my own and had no idea what I was doing so I am doing what I can and he wont have time to do any more until Tuesday so whatever I cannot get on my own may have to wait for him on Tuesday so we will see but I plan to launch that thing as soon as it as least functional even if the look still needs some tweaking so I will keep you all updated on that.
for now until things are going smoothly the shopping blog will remain open... one bit of info is the prices will be going up on our images just a little so I wanted to prepare you they will be starting at 3.50 each instead of starting at 3.00 so while the old shopping blog is still up take advantage of the lower pricing while you can.

Next up we will have a NEW release on the 15th of January with our new Design Team in place I have decided moving into the new year I wanted to make a few changes and the 1st was our release dated everyone does theirs on the 1st and it makes it hard to get people to our release parties etc so we decided to host our releases not on the 15th of the month but on the 3rd Saturday of each month We chose Saturdays because if we do something Friday nights or Saturday itself its a more convenient day for people to make it rather than week nights I was planning to do the 2nd Saturday of each month but with everything having fallen behind for January I figured the 15th would be a good date to start fresh and strong with a Great new release so keep an eye out also I will be posting a freebie up here shortly as well as a HUGE HUGE challenge its going to be so much fun so watch out for another post tonight

Much Love and Sassyness,


  1. So glad your sister and her baby are coming along okay. Wishing them well!

  2. HI Lindsay.. First Congrats to your sister and for becoming an "Auntie" ( a named I love my self...) Blessing to full Health and can't wait to see what the new year is going to bring for us from SSD

    Happy New Year

  3. Lindsay - I will be praying for your sister and niece Annika!! May the Lord give you all peace during this time of great stress!!!

    As for SSD, I am excited to see what the new year brings!! Blessings and Hugs my friend!!

  4. Lindsay - I will be praying for your sister and niece Annika!! May the Lord give you all peace during this time of great stress!!!

    As for SSD, I am excited to see what the new year brings!! Blessings and Hugs my friend!!

  5. Oh wow . . what an action packed way to end the year. Take the time to enjoy that lil' girl because I promise they don't stay small for long. Prayers sent their way.

  6. Lindsay,
    Congrats on becoming an auntie! I am sending good thought to your sister and her new little arrival! I hope we can see some photos soon.

    What a wild and crazy year you've had! Full of up and downs, huh? I hope 2011 is calmer and holds nothing but happiness for you! I am looking forward to seeing what the new year holds for SSD! Already excited for the 1st new release of the year!


  7. Gosh all those events and emotions ...
    Congrats on birth of your neice. Hope the new site goes well and I wish you and yours a Happy 2011.