Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rockin' Roxie tweet tweetly tweet

lol Ok sooo I dont know about you but where I am at it seems they have been playing nothing but Michael Jackson all week! some of the songs I knew some I didn't but my mom brought up that he sang rockin robin when he was a kid lol and though I never knew that I used to play those hand games when I was a kid to that song lol and I have just had it stuck in my head

Well no hand games her just a rockin rockstar named roxie!

First up we have Valerie's!
I love the SU paper she used it is perfect! I think I finally figured out what to do with my same pack of paper lol

Next up we have Jacquie's! she sooooo rocks with all those great guitars!!!

Next up we have Margie's!

and of course the Fab Piali's card!

Next up with have Deb's Rockin' Rockie card!

And next we have Lelia! Ok I am sorry if it seems unfair I am posting 2 of hers but I couldn;t deicide! i love the firey red hair the shimmery quitar and the sentiment on the 1st and on the second that hair is just AWESOME! I'll make it up to the other girls another time =)

And last but most certainly not least! We have Jen's card! and wouldn't ya know her sentiment was inspired by Michael Jackson as well!