Friday, July 3, 2009

Cross your Fingers!

ok so for anyone thinking of selling downloadable items I do not reccoment Payloadz!!!! I started with them they were great the best price very easy to navigate and use, however the moment I had a problem they answered my 1st email saying they were doing maintenence or switching servers or something and it caused a prob and they would have it fixed soon, no time line no real info then 2 weeks later and a vast # of emails trying to find out some information not a single response and my problem was still not fixed!!! they have no phone customer service just email and well obviously that wasnt helpful so I had to find a completely new provider and boy was it hard! there are fees here fees there high and low free trials no free trials, I signed up with a number that offered free trials or free sign ups and some were just plain hard to use! so I found one I might be ok with I have a 1 week free trial and if it works out ok then I will stick with them (they have a phone number for when things go wrong! he hee he

SOOOOOOO Cross your fingers!!! The store IS fixed!!!! yay!!! so go shop all you want lol

we will have 2 new images for sure in the store on thursday the 9th and we will start showing off samples the 6th! yay!!! and wait til you see what we have in store after that!!! our Dt has some great things cookin already!!!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the headaches you have had. Hopefully all is fixed and you are good to go. Can't wait to see all the samples.