Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Almost Friday

Hi all so its Thursday night I'm so exhausted what a week, I know I haven't gotten a few emails out and I am sorry, I haven't forgotten it's just been a bit crazy. So a started a new job a lil over a month ago and right now my schedule is 10 am -7 pm which is seriously stinky lol I cant wait to get through with training because they say you may be able to switch to a different shift and I will be all over that lol

But in all seriousness this week has been a very tough one on me and my family.
On Fathers day my dad spent his day in urgent care and then the ER they had determined that he had had a mild heart attack and he waited 2 days to get to the hospital because he disregarded it and didn't listen to his body so Sunday was quite stressful with all the tests not knowing what was going on etc and then they held him over night then on Monday they did an angiogram where they went in and used a lil balloon to open his arteries to see blockages etc turns out he had 2 arteries almost 100% blocked and they inserted 2 stints into each of those 2 arteries, he had to stay in the hospital til the next day when he got to come home, he is doing much better getting back to normal its pretty amazing honestly, his father when he had stints put in they had to cut open his chest etc and he was down for the count for quite a while, and well with technology changes etc over time now my dads only scar is a slit on his wrist where they entered through a artery and used a tube in his vein to go up to his heart and he got to watch it on video the blockages etc and no scars a little soreness for a few days etc but it has been a bit sad and stressful week we've been by to visit everyday.

and the house we were working on fell through again so now we are 100% done with that and now starting the search again we did find one yesterday thats a block away from my parents which is kinda nice so we are working on offers and that whole bit again.

So I apologize if I am delayed on anything and though my dad is ok now I mean that fact he had a heart attack is just I cant even find the words to describe....
so I will leave it at that since I am sure you can understand but its been a hard week but we have a wonderful new team working away on the July 1st release oh my goodness am I excited for this one!!!
and be sure to stop by here on Monday June 28th its kinda a big's Mine and Chris's 2 year anniversary and I have a special gift for you on that day
anyways have a wonderful Friday and weekend and I'll be around


  1. So sorry to hear what you've all gone through since Father's Day, I do know how scary and often mind boggling it is. Thank goodness for modern medicine! Best wishes to your Dad for a speedy recovery. :)

  2. Lindsay, I'm so sorry you are having a tough week! Those are never fun! I'm thinking good thoughts for your dad and sending heartfelt wishes for his quick recovery! And when the right house comes along it WILL all work out. Hang in there! Happy anniversary in advance! Hope you have a better weekend.... :)

  3. Lindsay, thanks for being so honest! You've been through a lot this week already...I will keep your dad in my prayers...sounds like he's on the road to recovery but it is scary when this kinda stuff happens to our parents. Sending cyber hugs! :D xoxo Amanda

  4. Hi so sorry to hear all this about your dad and the house ... hope everything will be fine soon xx

  5. Sorry so to hear about your hard week. I lost my dad in February so I know how it must have been for you. Also my DD and her hubby's house hunting has been hard. The house they really wanted failed the home inspection and they couldn't come to an agreement with the seller so that fell thru. It will happen when the time is right!
    Keep your chin up. KimCreate

  6. I am praying for you and your family as ya'll have been through and still are going through a lot.

  7. Oh my! That's a lot to deal with! Take care of yourself!


  8. Glad to hear your dad's on the mend, will keep him and your family in our prayers. Good luck with the next house, maybe you were meant to get this house and be closer to your parents. Have a good week-end and hope next week is 100% better!!

  9. Lindsay, so sorry to hear about your Dad. I went through something similar with my father last year. I hope he continues to make a quick recovery.

  10. So sorry to hear of your very trying week! Thanks for keeping us posted and don't worry about us, we'll still be just concentrate on you being there for your family and hope things get better really soon! Hugs!

  11. Hi Lindsay,,, just read the post and soo sorry to hear about ur dad!! So happy to know that he is doing better, and I know that the Lord will bring him and ur family thru.. I feel that ur House is out their waiting for u and when u and ur DH find it,,,, u will know!!! Blessings to u and ur Family,, Don't sweat the schedule.. I am looking for work my self and will take what ever schedule giving to me. LOL

    Sharette (faithnme)