Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Design Team Members

Hey everyone... so I don't know why but the strays always find me or my family lol
so yesterday i got home from work and a dog was chained to my fence...just dumped on our front porch basically and abandoned...omg!!!
SO we are taking care of it for now but we are maxed out on dogs for now (if I had my own house I would have taken it in hands down but since we still have not gotten the house yet I cant put that on my parents they have 4 of their own and are kind enough to let my 1 live with them as well until we do get the house) so we are working to find it a really good home.... so anyways thats my little personal update lol but I know thats not what you waited up for lol you wanna know who made the team don't you!?!?1

Joining the Sassy Seven is....

so stop on in their blogs and leave them some love, to those that did not make the team thank you so much for your entries, it seriously was a difficult choice because there were sooooo many great entries! and I hope you will consider applying for our monthly guest designer contest over on PCP its so simple you just create with ssd images, any images doesn't mater how many you create and you just post your creations for us to see in that months discussion and we select someone new every month and like i said you don't have to go out of your way to do an entry project just if you use SSD images at least once a month add your creation to the application discussion. And because I do appreciate all the effort you all put in I will be send you each a personal email I just haven't gotten to finish all of them yet but they are coming and I have a little surprise attached for each of you so over the next few days watch for those emails. (it will take me a few days though so you don't need to email me again if you entered I have your email. but if you dont get it say by next monday then email em for sure just in case maybe it gets lost in cyber space or something, because things happen)

well have a great evening everyone! and Congrats to the new Team members I can't wait to start working with you all!


  1. WOOHOO! I can FINALLY spill the beans!! I'm off to blog!! :D Thank you SO much for this opportunity Lindsay! I'm excited to be working with you ladies again! :D I've missed you! :D So happy to be back! Thank you SO SO much!

  2. WELCOME and CONGRATS to all of our new team members!!!!

  3. Congrats ladies and thank you Lindsay for the chance to try out!!

  4. Congrats, ladies! I can't wait to see more of your lovely creations!

  5. Thanks for this opportunity Lindsay. Looking forward to making lots of sassy creations. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

  6. sooo very happy to be part of the team!!!!