Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a sad sad day in sassyland

hello ladies and gentlemen ( ok i say that cuz i don't honestly know if we have any male followers and if we do I wouldn't wanna leave them out ;) )
please pardon my typing in this post i am left with typing with 2 fingers....this has not been my year so far! my dog broke her nail before christmas $150.00 + there, i got bronchitis in jan, my computer monitor died on me a less than 2 weeks ago, my dog had to go back to the vet again for ear problems another $160.00 there and then today i got bit by a stray dog...the dog was eating my cats food that was on the front porch Ive seen her around for the past 3 days she looks sad and lost and hungry so i got dog food and treats and at first she was staying away but then as she realized we weren't gonna hurt her and the food was there for her she came closer and closer. she had a collar so my mom and i wanted to check and see if she had tags find her home ya know well....she didn't like it when i grabbed her collar she latched on to my hand and got me good i had a deep puncture wound on the top of my hand and a decently deep cut on the bottom of my palm and a few gashes and fleshy wounds to one of my fingers my hand is swollen and sore and i cant hardly do anything with it including typing, drawing, illustrator or photoshop or driving...I have no idea how long it will be til it is at least functioning without pain but no matter what it has put me behind in the image department for next release.

so my sad sad announcement is that i will probably have to postpone it...i am hoping only a week because i would love to still make it happen this month i had great plans but since i dont know how long it will take to be functional i cant say for sure.... I will say that for sure we will do something on the 15th but it might not be a new release, and if it isn't i do promise there will be a second release it just might be late so i will update you all as soon as i know for sure what is happening but i wanted to give you all a heads up so you know what to expect and aren't caught by surprise

so i hope you all will participate in my special Alice in wonderland challenge! you have all month to play and i cant wait to see what you all come up with...well i am gonna take more meds and head to bed hopefully things will be better in the morning.

but i hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! only 1 day left til it's friday!!!
love and sassyness.


  1. Lindsay, you haven't had any good luck this year!! So sorry I hope your hand heals fast!! While you have had some good luck!! You've had some awesome releases this year! So business wise you are doing great!! I pray that your hand heals soon so you can get back to all the things you love!! Just take this is a much needed time to rest!!

  2. Lindsay, what a horrible accident. I will pray for your hand to heal quickly and that things will get better.

  3. Oh my gosh, ouch! You poor thing, I hope your ok.
    Kristy x
    P.s Im thinking of buying copics just so I can play with these digital images that I LOVE!!!! heheh.

  4. Lindsay I am praying for a quick healing with as little pain as possible!! take care of yourself!! HUGS!!!!

  5. Oh sweetheart what a rotten start to the year. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and a change of luck! Don't worry about the rest, it will all sort itself out - you'll see. Best wishes x

  6. oh my, Lindsay! Please take care of your self and your hand! Hope the pain will go away soon!
    Don't you worry about anything.
    Take care!

  7. Goodness! Well that should be about it then. Your run of bad luck shall be over- I declare it so!

    I'm so sorry about your hand. I hope you get better quickly. I have a hard time waiting between releases to see what's coming next.

    Please take care!

  8. OMG...i'm so sorry..i hope you went to the doctor, you don't want any type of infection. No worries about delay...take care of yourself. :)

  9. Lindsay, I hope you get well soon....and back to your routine..
    I'm sure you know the dangers of a dog bite....
    I've had some bad luck too, but don't despair..... we are only getting the bad stuff out of the way so we can an awesome year.....will pray for you and your family for a speedy recovery......

  10. Ouch!!! I hate hearing of the dog bite! Hopefully it will heal soon! Take care!

  11. oh thank you all for your kind words! yeah i know the dangers i did go to the doctors to get the wounds treated, i am on antibiotics and strong pain med, the animal control is going to continue to patrol the area for 10 days to try and find the dog then it will get quarantined to see if it has rabbies...luckily the desert area i live in rabbies isn't common but always a risk of course but thank you all so much! ill try to update when my hand feels well enough to get back to work, until them i'm typing with one finger on my left hand lol i wish i were ambidextrous

  12. Lindsay;I just read about your accident... SO sorry to hear about it.. I will keep you in my prayer and wanted to say that you have "loyal" followers and we know that when ever you are back to 100% that we will have the best time... take care

  13. I am so deeply sorry for you. I hope it will heal fast soon. Take care of yourself.

  14. Lindsay, I am so sorry about your mishap...I hope your hand is healing and the pain is going away awful. Take care of yourself, we can party when you are better....
    ((healing hugs))