Saturday, January 16, 2010

ok ladies and gentlemen... i know above there was a list of items that will soon be discontinued but I also need to do some pricing adjustments. I do sincerely apologize that a few items will be increasing in price. It has always been and still is my goal to always keep my pricing fair and affordable but i still have to manage things from a business perspective to keep things running. Also it is my goal to get us switched from a shopping blog to a full fledged website sometime this year when i get more set dates i will keep you all updated but that is the plan... don't worry prices aren't changing right away and not on all the images just a few. So the discontinued items will be discontinued Feb 1st, but the price adjustments wont go into affect until Feb 15th so if something you want is on the list buy them while you can at the lower price. below you will find a list of the images and what the price will be changed to Feb 15th

Converse - $2.00
High Heels - $2.00
Ice Skates - $2.00
Cheers to you - $2.00
Shaken not stirred - $2.00
Holiday Tags - $3.00
I'm a survivor - $4.00
Halloween Sentiments and Tags - $5.00
Fairytale Sentiments - $5.00

thats it. I don't like having to raise prices on any of my images and its my intent to keep everything I offer under $5.00 my main images to always be at $3-$4 depending on the detail and time put into them but a few items I needed to raise the price on a little bit but I hope it is still a fair price for those items

oh and as a reminder the images that will be discontinued after this month are -
Cell Phone Cindy
Blushing Bride
Ultimate wedding set
All halloween Cameo's
oval cameo's 1-3
circle cameo's 1-3
pillow boxes
gift card holders
ornament card
pumpkin card
apple card
turkey card

SO I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! and thanks for all the support at the blog hop yesterday! it was a blast thanks you all of you! now to go take some more meds and make some soup and try to kick this cold!

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