Monday, January 4, 2010

Notice of Discontinuation!

So I have been working away trying to get caught up and I am not quite there yet but I am getting very very close! and I have been having to go through all last years invoices and do some counts etc to see what has sold and what has not etc...and We will be letting go of a few images soon, January will be your last month to get the images below, so if you want them get them now

Cell Phone Cindy
Blushing Bride
Ultimate wedding set
all halloween Cameo's
oval cameo's 1-3
circle cameo's 1-3
pillow boxes
gift card holders
ornament card
pumpkin card
apple card
turkey card

thats it for now, but we will be doing another spring cleaning of sorts in a few months before me make the switch to a regular web store instead of a shopping blog, but I will of course give you notice of what will be leaving in advance.

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