Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flashback friday update

Morning all,

                                           Very warm welcome.

                        A lot of changes are happening at the moment.

                     We sadly said goodbye to 4 design team members,

                           we all wish them all the best for the future.

                         So that left the door open for some new talent.

                           We welcome MISTY, SARI and KERRIE,

                                                      to the team.

                                 Hope you enjoy your time here,we are

                                          a  friendly talented bunch.

                                                  Just have fun!!

                          Anyway, on with the FLASHBACK FRIDAYS.

                  The post has been absent for a few weeks due to the change

                        around so I'm just gently giving you a recap for now.

                                The images were available at a discount

                                     for that week and were advertise on

                                                    our group page.

                            We all made projects for that week and it would

                                    be a shame not to show our inspiration.

                                   So for the week 10/3/14-10/9/14 we had

                                               new and revamped images.

Bride of Frankenstein
Ghost Sassy

Frankensteins Zombie
                                                                Below is

                                                   inspiration from the team



Week commencing; 10/10/14-10/16/14

the images were;
Jack and Sally Honey
Sally Honey

Jack the Pumpkin King
                                     Below is inspiration from the design team




Hope we have giving you loads of inspiration

to want to go and buy these and to show

us your creations

From all the SSD Team

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  1. Such gorgeous makes from the Design Team - thank you so much for inviting me to join the Team I'm so Happy to be Here

    Hugs Kerrie x x