Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Teaser...Little Late!

Good Morning ladies!
Sorry to have this posting so late...
Today starts the little teasers from the latest release!
Lindsay has went all mean and evil with a few of the Disney Villains...
But doing it of course
Can you guess who this one is????
The only clue I can give you is that she is not who you think.

We are going to have a blog hop on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.

You will have a chance to win prizes...

2 correct guesses from each teaser will win that image,
2 randomly selected comments will be picked each day to win 2 images,
and there will be one winner each day of the hop to win all 4 images,
also randomly selected.
To be eligible to win you must comment on each blog
for that day and comment on the SSD blog!

Make sure you leave your guesses in the comments!
See you tomorrow with the next teaser!


  1. The first thing that came to mind is Belle from Beauty and the Beast It might be guessing the obvious but sticking to it. Love your images, I have used them on quite a few cards and joined a few challenges, I sure hope I find time on the weekend to hop along with you.

  2. She looks like Belle to me too. I can't think who else she could be. I do love your images and hoping to actually play with the latest one tonight.

  3. Yes I agree that it looks like Belle too , however your clue said "went all mean & evil" so I guess it would have to be a villain, hmmmm dont know so will just guess a villain, lets say one of the Evil Stepsisters from Cinderella!

    Can't wait to see all of this release!


  4. It does look so much like Belle. The only pretty villain I can think of in a Disney movie is Vicki, I think that is her name, in the "Parent Trap".

  5. Well ofcourse Belle is our first thought but since you said it's not who we think I'm going to say Ariel. Just a shot in the dark LOL

  6. Since Belle is not an evil villain, I'm going to guess the evil stepsisters in Cinderella - but if I have to choose WHICH sister, I'm going with Drizella...I think she's the one with the brown hair :-)

  7. as a wild guess from todays glue iam thinking one of the three girls that are in love with gaston in the beauty in the beast found out they are called The Bimbettes and guessing by the yellow ribbon its the girl called Laura,

  8. just had another thought dont know if allowed 2 guesses but is it the woman who turns the prince into the beast in the start of the film as she then turns into a beautiful enchantress, oh i do like this game!!!

  9. The enchantress?? I guess she'd be a villain since she turned the prince into the beast, but he wasn't very nice to her, was he? Maybe one of the bimbettes pretending to be Belle? Not sure if she'd qualify as a villian... hmmmm... tricky this one is!

  10. my guess is that is one of Belle's greedy sisters

  11. the old hag (sorry that's the wording I remember from my story) that gave the rose to the beast and turned him.

  12. She looks like Bimbette Laura to me

  13. OK I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the fact that these were all Villians. So my new guess is the Enchantress who disguised herself first as the old peddler woman offering the rose for shelter.

  14. LOL A day late & a dollar short again. :) WTG you good guessers. I agree with you on the old peddler woman offering the rose.

  15. I'll take a guess...I believe it's "Bella". The villain inside her has come out. (lol)