Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember!

We Remember, a special release in honor of our service men and women.
Today is Sept 11th and we thought we would do a special mini release for you all.
Today we are Releasing 3 new Honey's (in the store now)

We have Nurse Honey, Police Honey and Firefighter Honey
We have them for sale individually as well as in a set. We also thought we would honor our armed forces as well today but creating a discounted set with our previous military honeys. including Sailor honey, army honey and air force honey.
and if you haven't bought any before and want to get them ALL we created a special discount set for all 6 the 3 military honey's and the 3 Service Honeys so go check out the store!

We also wanted to do a special freebie for this weekend only so snatch her up while you can our Support a Cure Sassy is here for each of you to add to your own collections (make sure you double click to get the full resolution version before saving to your computer)

freebie has been removed image is available for purchase in the store

there are challenges and other things going on today so make sure you check back this weekend so you don't miss out on the fun
there is a challenge already listed below this post.

...on a personal note some have been wanting to hear updates on me the house the dogs the job etc lol, especially since i have been behind on getting responses to emails out soooooo if your interested in the update read below if not grab your freebie and enjoy your day!

I have been in an interesting mix of things right now we bought a house moved all the stuff in the garage are working on construction things (the house needed some work), Hubby and I are living in my old bedroom at my parents house both of my 2 dogs are heer and all stitched up and cones on their heads, one (LeeLoo) was attacked about 2 weeks ago and has gashes all over her body healing up... my other one (Stitch) just got fixed, and my dad has one of his dogs here too with stitches in her head from getting hit in the head with a stick while my dad tried to break apart the dog fight (his 3 and my other one were all on my LeeLoo...long story) so the injured ones are at the house healing up the others are still at the property i have my indoor cat here at my parents house and my out door cat at the new house and i have been working full time at my other job still so I do apologize for any delays
and my dad as many of you had him in your thoughts or have asked how he is...he is great! he was always more concerned about my LeeLoo he loves her to death and thinks she is one of the greatest dogs ever and it broke his heart to see her all tore up like she was he had some bites on his hand and wrist some very close to arteries all of them missed the arteries though went to the doctors had them checked out no stitches needed just antibiotics etc his hand is almost fully healed still a little swolen and sore but doing great, he thinks they were from my LeeLoo but he said it wasnt out of anger or her trying to attack him, she had 4 dogs on her attacking her and it was more from her being in pain that he didn't even realize until after she had bit that hard or deep so everyone is still on the mend but doing much better

have a wonderful saturday!

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  1. Linds, thanks for the updates....phew....what a couple weeks you have had!
    Thanks for the freebies and will check out the store for the 'heroes'.